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Randall McNeal & Associates, PLLC

"Building Blocks for Better Living"


"As a couple we found that Randall has an uncanny ability to bridge the gap between a husband and wife when communication isn't connecting so they are able to understand what each other is saying. He teaches each spouse what to listen for and how to listen."

"We have grown closer and have more empathy for each other. We have learned to hear each other's heart and not just the words as we talk."


"Having gone to two counselors before, without real success, I have been amazed at the incredible things I have accomplished since seeing Randall. Some things that I had believed were impossible to change are wonderfully different."

Thank you, thank you!


"I just wanted to say thank you. Words alone could never express my gratitude for what you have done for me personally and for our family. You have helped me to see things in such a way that I could have never seen on my own. Since I have been coming to see you, I have learned that I am special and I deserve the best this life has to offer. Not to mention the fact that you have helped me communicate with my children and made their transition into their teen years much smoother. As you already know, I feel like everyone on this planet should go see a counselor because I know how it has transformed my life. I was a captive of my own thoughts, but thanks to you and my relationship with Jesus I AM FREE!!! I not only consider you the person who helped me see life in a new way, I consider you a very good friend. I will forever be grateful to you."

Thank you and God Bless!