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Randall McNeal & Associates, PLLC

"Building Blocks for Better Living"


When problems occur within a marriage or committed relationship, it can be difficult for either partner to see the big picture and his/her role in it. This is where an objective third party is invaluable. Working with both partners individually and then together, Randall McNeal guides each person to a better understanding of the dynamics affecting their relationship. Without blaming or finger pointing, he helps each partner become more aware of their role in the current situation.

Among the issues that can be successfully addressed in marriage/relationship counseling are:

  • Communication breakdowns
  • Anger management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Alcohol/substance abuse
  • Infidelity
  • Financial conflict
  • Loss of a child/family member
  • Differing parenting philosophies
  • Role expectations
  • Intimacy issues


Emotional unavailability is one of the most common complaints of teens . Their parents don’t understand them … and in many ways, they’re correct! This creates a feeling of isolation as communication becomes more and more strained. Many parents have expressed the desire for an interpreter to explain what their teens are saying and a mediator to referee the conflicts.This is exactly the role that Randall McNeal can play as a family counselor. He is fluent in both “teenspeak” and “parentspeak,” which allows him to communicate effectively with both parties - and provide interpretive services where necessary. Then, through solutions-oriented counseling, he creates an action plan to help everyone get back to speaking the same language. Issues that can be addressed in adolescent counseling include:

Teen Depression                               Discipline Problems

Alcohol/Substance Abuse            Academic Failure

Dealing with Peer Pressure              Anger Management

Communication Skills                        Coping Strategies

Identity Issues

There are many reasons why a family may require counseling. Individual problems seldom exist in a vacuum, and one person's dysfunction can lead to dysfunction within an entire family. Substance abuse (in parents or children) is a disease that affects every individual who is exposed to it. Physical, mental or sexual abuse within a family also requires treatment for all members. Traumatic events such as loss of a loved one, natural disasters or even moving all create stress that can negatively affect family dynamics. Even discipline problems at home or school can often be resolved through family counseling.

Randall McNeal's solutions-oriented counseling approach works especially well in families, as it allows them to move beyond their problems and into solutions. With a focus on improved listening skills, open communication and cooperative problem solving, family members quickly learn to relate to each other in a more effective, satisfying way. As a workable action plan is developed, it becomes easier for family members to let go of grudges and work together to create a new, healthier family dynamic.