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Randall McNeal & Associates, PLLC

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ANGER MANAGEMENT                            

Anger is an emotion characterized by a a strong feeling of displeasure. It usually involves some level of antagonism toward the person or event that triggered it. Anger is a normal reaction to situations that cause us to experience negative emotions such as fear, sadness, embarrassment, guilt, disappointment, shame or confusion.

When expressed appropriately, anger can help us "vent" our negative feelings and return to a more balanced emotional state. Some people, however, experience anger in a more extreme way that can be dysfunctional. These people may experience anger that is:

  • Out of proportion to the event that triggered it
  • Directed at targets (people, pets or objects) that are not associated with the triggering event
  • Expressed in destructive or socially unacceptable ways

When anger crosses the boundary from healthy emotional response to an out-of-control event, it becomes a liability rather than an asset. People who experience this on a regular basis require anger management counseling to learn how to manage this emotion.

Anger management counseling with Randall McNeal begins with a frank discussion of a client's anger history. Through skillful questioning and non-judgmental conversation, Randall will help uncover the underlying causes of destructive rage. Once all of a person's anger triggers and the resulting responses have been identified, a series of techniques are introduced to put anger back in its proper place on the emotional continuum.

The outcome? A more balanced personality that can use and express anger in a healthy way. Clients will learn to recognize their feelings of anger as a signal that something is wrong, and then look beyond the emotional response to find the underlying stressor. Once triggers have been identified and processed in this manner, they lose their power to incite out-of-control rages. Anger can then become an empowering change agent without being destructive.

If you suspect that you may have an anger problem or have had someone suggest that you might benefit from anger management counseling, it is imperative that you seek help. Randall McNeal is an experienced anger management counselor who can help bring the "anger monster" under control