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Randall McNeal & Associates, PLLC

"Building Blocks for Better Living"

Member:American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Texas Association for Counseling and Development, American Counseling Association, Christian Counselors of Texas, American Association of Christian Counselors Fellow: American Psychotherapy Association

Specialist:Marriage Enhancement, Relationship Coaching, Adolescent Coaching, Personal and Organizational Coaching, NLP Master Practitioner, Trauma Resolution Therapy, Spiritual Aspects of Success and Healing

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to get where you want to be in a relationship to yourself and to others, both professionally and personally. Results can be life-changing by helping you construct new, internal "maps of the territory" so your responses are appropriate and powerfully positive. Your influence over the outcome of any situation can be dramatically increased.

At the outset of a counseling relationship, the most important gift I can give my clients is hope. Without discounting the negative impact their situations may have produced, I take a positive, proactive approach that focuses on solutions. Once a person becomes invested in the solution, rather than the problem, they are able to make rapid progress.

My pastoral background allows me to provide spiritual support and guidance in addition to clinical services. The vision statementfor my practice is to“Help others become what God wants them to be."